Friday, 28 December, 2012

What on the APOCALYPE drama?

 Mayan Calendar was a nightmare for me until the 21st of this month. Pal, it never takes its turn at me in future. I hope...I swear...Seriously...Whatever...Colleges at my work place kept on alarming me on this for at least a week and the melodrama took a reverse turn at them starting 9 AM Date: 22/12/2012.

One would jump in saying, "The birds are restless. They never settle over trees for the pat two hours. Probably a disaster is on its way." - with a tricky smile hiding somewhere in his serious face. I feel my stomach touching my heart and then settling slowly. Honestly, will any one wish to die when they are away from their loved ones. I would immediately spread around my imagination feathers and wonder how it would be if there was a tremor right then and the building collapses. How could I run so fast, and after all I am working in the fourth floor. Before recovering from this "fantasy+stupid" imagination of mine, will someone else continue warning me with a LONG LONG LONGEST face ever, "The weather is exactly the same how we experienced on the day and the day before the "2004 Tsunami". My imagination again travels far of, imagining my hand being the only part of my body visible over mother earth, leaving the rest below sea sand. My hand which is out seeking restlessly for help. Then I recover. Shit! What am I doing? There comes yet another with message, and this time my "INNER SOUR-CONSCIENCE". The girl asks me, "Are you a kid or a teenager to get lost into imaginations and fear? After all you are a professional."

Yes, at times we behave like kids. We fear death even at the age of 100. The reason is the desire in us to live to achieve the unachievable.

And BOOM! 21, 22, 23, 24....all passed away peacefully, calmer than ever. And today its 28th of December 2012. Am Alive! No Mayan OR office college is mightier than GOD Almighty.

wonder is our birth, as a child, as a parent, as a guide, and finally as a memory

Friday, 24 February, 2012

Amma Neha...amma...

This is what I keep repeating to Neha nowadays. And when she is terribly sad, starts to sweet. Her activities have reached the peak and I am unable to control or prevent her from doing or tasting the don'ts. After all its an experience that I love to treasure.

wonder is our birth, as a child, as a parent, as a guide, and finally as a memory

Wednesday, 4 January, 2012

Poverty stricken

Everyday we see people on our roadside, asking for alms. We name label them, beggars. Lets not do so. You know, they could have a heavier bank balance than us. Beware. Have you heard of beggars (sorry…people asking for alms…okay lets call them 'rich beggars') from metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Each of them will have hefty wealth. They have changed the concept of begging. Begging has become a good profession now. Our government can not help to eradicate unemployment problem. But begging is a profession which does not require any investment, bribe, or recommendation. It is a very suitable profession which fetches good income with out any labor or pain. This is one business where the turnover is all profit. You will see more beggars in the days ahead. Introspect yourself, have you ever inquired any beggar, the reason for his begging. It sounds silly but is the need of the hour. Until we do it, this will continue and is considered normal sector of the society.  

 But I was about to speak about the real beggars. The reallll beggars…Most of them emerge out of calamities and natural disasters. We grumble whenever there is heavy rain continuously for two days or when we have to go out shopping round at one in the afternoon. Can we imagine ourselves in a condition, begging for some food or clothing? No wonder this will happen to us at the wink of an eye, if nature is not happy with us. There are people who are physically challenged and are really not capable of doing work. They deserve our sympathy, sympathy in the sense, not allowing to beg them by the roadside and contributing five rupees from our pocket. They should be moved to rehabilitation centers, rather burn in the sun and curse the almighty. We have seen beauty guru's in You Tube channel and televisions, discussing very keenly on their new set of eye shades, lip glosses, hair sprays, nail polishes, new designs of torn dresses entering the market and what not. Make-up caked faces and brightly dressed ladies are always delight to our eyes. But it should never exceed the limit. I know of ladies who buy debts just to purchase make-up stuffs. Please think of the poor and the needy who lost their loved ones and belongings in natural disasters when you fill your wardrobe with stuffs. much more than what is essential. This is my personal opinion and nothing against anyone.

wonder is our birth, as a child, as a parent, as a guide, and finally as a memory

attention malls in Chennai

Spencer Plaza:

The City Center :

Sky Walk:

Alsa Mall:
Fountain Plaza:

Hameedia Shopping Mall:

Prince Plaza:

Wellington Plaza:

Abirami Mall:
wonder is our birth, as a child, as a parent, as a guide, and finally as a memory

Tuesday, 20 December, 2011

Mischievous Neha...

she seems to enjoy her glittery choli

neha rarely sobs while in her bath tub...cute girl
my baby is really really happy when am around her making sounds of her sort
see her face while drinking milk
she enjoys outing and seems extra happy traveling in train
and...these are her new companions...she talks a lot to both
this beautiful light ball is capable of stopping her loud cries
neha hates to wear caps..see how uncomfortable she looks
naughty baby
always tasting either her's or any-one-else's fingers

wonder is our birth, as a child, as a parent, as a guide, and finally as a memory

Monday, 19 December, 2011

more than photographs!!!

slavery (or) speechless
rain rain go away!
hey cutie, am your sister
setting the strings of freedom
it was never my fault, baby
i will protect you ever after death
mommy, when will they distribute food?
actually i have more gold in my garage
temporary, but safe house
so big a black hole in space!
hey! do i resemble Russel Crowe's kid?
finally they accepted us
want to test my power !?
aah! some how i managed to hold a pen
as a mess, oil-spill
will there be more space to park my bike?
how soothing!
fire under the rocks
take me before some one marries me
how about our baby-rider?

Tuesday, 13 December, 2011


Thought to share something about my princess. 'Princess' - I meant, my daughter. Of course, all children are prince and princesses to their mother...even I am the same to my mother. But my baby is a SPECIAL princess (as we say in 'special dosa' or 'special coffee').

Neharika entered our world on July 05, 2011, an auspicious day for me and my loved ones. A baby girl, my mother told me. I had undergone a C-section, and was unconscious and so barely saw her on her first day.

Her birth was a miracle to us, a REAL miracle. Normally people say that a pregnant lady should be very careful during her first three months. She should never have physical or mental stress. But unknowing that I am mother of a baby, I had undergone both mental as-well-as physical stress through my first three months of pregnancy. Adding to that I had engulfed 10 Modus pills also. I had PCOD's and so the doctor advised me to reduce weight in order to overcome the disorder.

I used to work for night shifts and return home by 4 AM. My husband would accompany me in my exercise routine (a real knot round my throat). I used to do jogging, sit-ups, swirling, jumping and all sorts of physical agitations. I just cant believe how my baby survived these tremors inside. It’s indeed a miracle. 

We used to get pregnancy detection kits, and each time we get a negative result, I used to break-down. I was really aggressive to see a positive result on the strip. Unexpectedly, when my baby was a three month old fetus, the doctor told the glad news to us. My husband didn’t know exactly whether to rejoice or not. The doc told us that she is not sure with the maturity of the baby and asked us to wait for two more months, until the baby develops. She seemed quite nervous. But I was confident that my baby is safe and didn’t have any fear that something unexpected will happen. That was not the case with everyone in my family.

I was advised bed rest for a month, but I barely got 10 days of medical leave. And through-out the ten months was a real battle for me. Pregnancy-related morning sickness, vomiting, leg cramps, breathing problem, heart burn were all dumped in me. All I awaited was to see the face of my healthy baby. I used to say, "My baby will be fine without any defect", but it was only my mouth that uttered those words. My mind was like a volcano that was mixing-up all sorts of negative thoughts that might end-up in a destruction.

It was told that natural child birth will not be possible for me. Finally, the day arrived and I was there over the bed in the operation-theater. It was not the first time I was undergoing a surgery. But this time it was a major one. My pressure level showed a steep increase. I started to shiver and my body was moving up and down. I felt as if I was never going to see this world again and that was the end of it. All the fear I had until then to see my baby as a normal child, began to burst out. I was shouting if my baby was fine or not. And after a few minutes, I heard a loud cry, a healthy cry, and it was from my baby. "Thank God" - the baby is out. There were around four doctors in the theater and they started a discussion regarding the child's feet if it was proper or not. You can imagine my, a mother's mind. I wished if the ground engulfs me right then. I was not able to control and was still shouting for help and the docs told me that my baby was fine. I felt it to be a regular reply from doctors. I started losing consciousness little by little. But my inner-mind was not prepared to rest. I kept on asking the nurses, if my baby was fine. All their answers didn’t satisfy me. And without my knowledge I fell asleep at some point of time, due to sedation.

After a while, I felt my husband near me. My mother showed me my baby and said, "a beautiful baby girl for you". I didn’t know if I should smile or cry. She was like a little rose bud, which was ready to bloom. I was barely able to utter a word. I asked my husband if my baby was fine without any disabilities. He told that due to the improper seating of the baby in my uterus, her leg was little titled and it will by fine after a few days. I got my life back. I had the world in my hand. I felt to be worth living.

I am damn sure that I was unable to put all my feelings I underwent, in my writing. Its unexplainable. After that I realized a fact that GREAT is the birth of mother. I started to admire my mother like I never did before.

Here are some pictures of cute "Neharika". She is five months old now:

wonder is our birth, as a child, as a parent, as a guide, and finally as a memory